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 God of War I & II (Game Soundtrack)

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PostSubject: God of War I & II (Game Soundtrack)   Sun Apr 26, 2009 10:11 am

God of War I (2005)

Cris Velasco - Hades, God Of The Underworld.mp3
Cris Velasco - Minotaur Boss Battle.mp3
Cris Velasco - Zeus' Wrath Divine.mp3
Gerard Marino - Athens Rooftops Fighting.mp3
Gerard Marino - Escape From Madness.mp3
Gerard Marino - God Of War End Title.mp3
Gerard Marino - Kratos' Evil Past.mp3
Gerard Marino - Kratos And The Sea.mp3
Gerard Marino - Save The Oracle Challenge.mp3
Gerard Marino - The Great Sword Bridge Of Athena.mp3
Gerard Marino - The Story Of Chronos.mp3
Gerard Marino - The Vengeful Spartan.mp3
Gerard Marino - This City Will Be Your Grave.mp3
Gerard Marino - Too Late.mp3
Mike Reagan - Ares Destroys Athens.mp3
Mike Reagan - Athenian Battle.mp3
Mike Reagan - Battle The Lethal Sirens.mp3
Mike Reagan - Duel With Ares.mp3
Mike Reagan - Mind The Cyclops.mp3
Mike Reagan - The Splendor Of Athens.mp3
Ron Fish - Burning Visions.mp3
Ron Fish - Pandoran Cyclopes Attack.mp3
Ron Fish - The Architect's Mysteries.mp3
Ron Fish - The Fury Of Ares.mp3
Ron Fish - The Temple Of Pandora.mp3
Winifred Phillips - Enthroned On Mount Olympus.mp3
Winifred Phillips - Exploring The Ruins.mp3
Winifred Phillips - Pandora's Box.mp3
Winifred Phillips - The Underwater World Of Poseidon.mp3


God of War II (2007)

Cris Velasco - The Barbarian King Returns.mp3
Cris Velasco - Pursuing Destiny (Bonus Track).mp3
Cris Velasco - Phoenix Rising.mp3
Cris Velasco - The Isle Of Creation.mp3
Cris Velasco - Waking The Sleeping Giant.mp3
George TraGiC Doman - God-Like.mp3
Gerard K. Marino - Ashen Spire.mp3
Gerard K. Marino - Atlas Remembers (Bonus Track).mp3
Gerard K. Marino - Colossus Of Rhodes.mp3
Gerard K. Marino - Crossing The Lowlands.mp3
Gerard K. Marino - Death Of Kratos.mp3
Gerard K. Marino - Exploring The Isle.mp3
Gerard K. Marino - God Of War II - Main Titles.mp3
Gerard K. Marino - The Battle For Olympus.mp3
Gerard K. Marino - The End Begins.mp3
Gerard K. Marino - The Way Of The Gods.mp3
Gerard K. Marino - Theme Of Fates (Bonus Track).mp3
Junkie XL - Junkie XL Colossus Remix.mp3
Mike Reagan - Athena.mp3
Mike Reagan - Battle For The Skies.mp3
Mike Reagan - Battle In The Bog.mp3
Mike Reagan - The Bathhouse.mp3
Mike Reagan - The Glory Of Sparta.mp3
Mike Reagan - Typhon Mountain.mp3
Ron Fish - An Audience With Cronos.mp3
Ron Fish - Atlas.mp3
Ron Fish - Bog Of Lost Souls.mp3
Ron Fish - Kratos And Atropos (Bonus Trac.mp3
Ron Fish - Palace Of The Fates.mp3
Ron Fish - The Summit Of Sacrifice.mp3
Shadows Fall - Blood Of Destiny.mp3

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God of War I & II (Game Soundtrack)
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