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 Dances With Wolves Soundtrack

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PostSubject: Dances With Wolves Soundtrack   Sun Apr 26, 2009 10:12 am

Dances With Wolves

Track list(There are only 18 on here; I listed em all though because they are all out of order)

1. Looks Like a Suicide (Main Title) - (expanded)
2. Ride to Fort Hays
3. Journey To Fort Sedgewick / Shooting Star / John Dunbar Theme / Arrival At Fort Sedgewick
4. John Dunbar Theme, The
5. Death of Timmons, The
6. Two Socks (The Wolf Theme)
7. Stands With a Fist Remembers
8. Buffalo Robe, The
9. Journey to the Buffalo Killing Ground
10. Spotting the Herd - (previously unreleased)
11. Buffalo Hunt, The - (previously unreleased, film version)
12. Fire Dance
13. Two Socks at Play
14. Falling in Love - (previously unreleased)
15. Love Theme
16. John Dunbar Theme, The
17. Pawnees / Pawnee Attack / Stone Calf Dies / Toughest Dies
18. Victory - (previously unreleased)
19. Death of Cisco, The
20. Rescue of Dances With Wolves
21. The Loss Of The Journal / The Return To Winter Camp
22. Farewell and End Title
23. Buffalo Hunt, The - (album version)
24. John Dunbar Theme, The - (previously unreleased, film version)

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Dances With Wolves Soundtrack
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