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 Labor Pains (2009) DVDRip.XviD

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PostSubject: Labor Pains (2009) DVDRip.XviD   Fri Jul 24, 2009 7:40 am

Thea Clayhill (Lindsay Lohan) is about to lose her position as secretary to a very cranky publisher (Chris Parnell) -- so she lies about being pregnant to save her job, as she saw on an episode of Law and Order that you cannot fire a pregnant woman as a stand agaisnt discrimination. The plan works, and she gets to keep her job. With the help from a friend (Cheryl Hines) -- and a pillow -- Thea fakes the pregnancy while she figures out what to do next. But in the meantime, her boss gets called out of town and his cute brother Nick (Luke Kirby) takes over. Nick launches a new parenting division at the publishing company, and he wants Thea to be the editor. Suddenly she gets a raise and a promotion. Nick and Thea soon begin to become romantically involved. And pretty soon she begins to like her new life a lot to the extent that she begins to believe she is pregnant. However, her little sister soon grows frutstrated with the lie and destroyed her pregnancy pillow, and in haste, Thea grabs a balloon, which pops, and her cover is blown. Soon, Thea learns to get herself together and apologizes on a national talk show to Nick and the company, and Nick fogives her and takes her back, and she gets to keep her job. Two years later, Thea is shown going into labor with her and Nick's child...for real.






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Labor Pains (2009) DVDRip.XviD
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