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 E World Tech PayPal Shop Maker 3.6.6

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PostSubject: E World Tech PayPal Shop Maker 3.6.6   Sat Aug 08, 2009 5:42 am

E World Tech PayPal Shop Maker 3.6.6

E World Tech PayPal Shop Maker 3.6.64 | 7.4mb

Creating a PayPal shop to sell your products on your website was never easier. With PayPal Shop Maker you can build your online shop without the need of learning how to integrate PayPal. You can quickly and easily work with your product information directly in PayPal Shop Maker and create your PayPal-enabled shop with built-in javascript Shopping Cart, PayPal Buy Now Button or standard PayPal Shopping Cart. The generated pages for the storefront can be in HTML or ASP or PHP, so you can publish them to virtually any server.

Within minutes your site will be able to accept credit card payment through PayPal. PayPal Shop Maker supports sophisticated custom shipping, tax and discount calculation as well as PayPal provided shipping, tax and handling. You can also optionally use MS Access database with ASP or MySQL database with PHP, Instant Payment Notification (IPN), Payment Data Transfer (PDT) and Digital Goods Download by ASP or PHP.

* Generates full PayPal shop for your web site
* Generates HTML or ASP or PHP version - your PayPal shop can be hosted virtually anywhere on any web server
* Generate product catalog pages with various List and View page options
* Support product searching (for ASP or PHP version only)
* Support built-in javascript Shopping Cart, PayPal Buy Now Button or standard PayPal Shopping Cart
* Unlimited number of websites
* Unlimited menu and submenu items
* Unlimited number of product categories and subcategories
* Unlimited number of products with up to 4 images for each product*
* Creates thumbnail images for List page and View page for products automatically
* Optional alphabetical and numerical page index
* Customizable template - change layout and look and feel of Website by modifying just one HTML file and its CSS stylesheet
* Synchronization of product information with database on server
* Viewing transaction data on server

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E World Tech PayPal Shop Maker 3.6.6
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