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 Flesh RAM 5.0.0

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PostSubject: Flesh RAM 5.0.0   Sat Aug 08, 2009 5:56 am

Flesh RAM 5.0.0

Flesh RAM 5.0.0

Fresh RAM is like a shot in the arm for your computer. By optimizing the ways in which your system and applications are utilizing memory, Fresh RAM can boost your computer’s performance,

helping you avoid the costly expense of hardware upgrades!Don’t let Fresh RAM's friendly and intuitive interface fool you - underneath those easy-to-understand pie charts and graphs lies an engine of complex memory analysis algorithms that allow you to balance speed and effectiveness and run memory optimizations that will have all of your applications running like butter. Combine these optimizations with the included Windows XP tweaks, and your machine will be running just as fast as the day it rolled off of the assembly line!

Curious about which of your apps eats the most memory? Fresh RAM's Process RAM Usage Identifier shows you the biggest memory hoggers, while automatic memory optimization options will free up memory when you need it the most.

Who Needs Fresh RAM? You do if you've ever:

* Had to reboot your machine before doing any heavy-duty application work, just to free up memory.

* Spent lots of money on memory and other hardware upgrades to increase the speed of your computer.

* Were trying out different applications and wanted to know how much memory each one consumed.

Tips & Tricks on using Fresh RAM:

* Before launching a memory intensive application such as Adobe Photoshop and Mozilla Firefox.

* Before running your favorite computer game.

* Set it on automatic optimization when you are away from your computer.

* Before watching a movie on your laptop or computer to avoid freezing.


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Flesh RAM 5.0.0
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