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 Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete

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PostSubject: Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete   Tue Aug 18, 2009 3:44 am

Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete
- Heroes Of Might And Magic III Restoration Of Erathia
- Heroes Of Might And Magic III Armageddon's Blade
- Heroes Of Might And Magic III Shadow of Death

Heroes of Might and Magic III is a turn-based strategic war game, set up in a classical role-playing game Environment. It involves capturing and developing towns, gathering resources, assembling armies and sending them into combat. Each town has a theme and can only raise the type of creatures appropriate to that theme. The resources (gold, wood, ore, gems, crystal, mercury, and sulfur) can be found mostly in mines and are gathered once a day. They are used to build new buildings in your towns, to improve existing buildings, to buy armies, etc. Each army is led by a hero and consists of up to seven stacks of creatures raised in towns or recruited in countryside. The armies are sent into tactical combat, which can occur either in countryside or in towns. If the attacker captures the town, the winner can recruit the creatures raised in that town afterwards. Each game scenario (regular or campaign style) has its own objective which can vary from capturing a specific castle, defeating a specific hero or monster, gathering gold, or finding the Holy Grail (just to name a few). The game bears some similarity to Heroes of Might and Magic II, but it has been vastly re-vamped. HEROES III is set in the same world as HEROES II and MM6 (Might and Magic 6) and continues the story-line of those two games. It is set in another country (Erathia), but there will be some significant differences between HEROES III and HEROES II.

Categories: Turn Based Strategy
Developer: 3DO

System Requirements:-
OS: Windows 95/98 or Windows NT4.0
Processor: Pentium-133 or equivalent (P166 recommended)
Memory: 32MB RAM
HD Space: 200MB
Graphic: Capable of 800x600 16-bit High Color Display
Sound: DirectX 6.0 compatible
DirectX: 6.0 or higher
Multiplayer: 28.8Kbps modem or fastter (Modem/Internet play); TCP/IP or IPX (network play)

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Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete
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