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 The Art of Assembly:: the Assembly Language Bible

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The Art of Assembly:: the Assembly Language Bible Empty
PostSubject: The Art of Assembly:: the Assembly Language Bible   The Art of Assembly:: the Assembly Language Bible Icon_minitimeMon Apr 27, 2009 1:19 pm

1.1 Foreword to the HLA Version of "The Art of Assembly..."
In 1987 I began work on a text I entitled "How to Program the IBM PC, Using 8088 Assembly

Language." First, the 8088 faded into history, shortly thereafter the phrase "IBM PC" and

even "IBM PC Compatible" became far less dominant in the industry, so I retitled the text

"The Art of Assembly Language Programming." I used this text in my courses at Cal Poly

Pomona and UC Riverside for many years, getting good reviews on the text (not to mention

lots of suggestions and corrections). Sometime around 1994-1995, I converted the text to

HTML and posted an electronic version on the Internet. The rest, as they say is history. A

week doesn't go by that I don't get several emails praising me for releasing such a fine

text on the Internet. Indeed, I only hear three really big complaints about the text: (1)

It's a University textbook and some people don't like to read textbooks, (2) It's 16-bit

DOS-based, and (3) there isn't a print version of the text. Well, I make no apologies for

complaint #1. The whole reason I wrote the text was to support my courses at Cal Poly and UC

Riverside. Complaint #2 is quite valid, that's why I wrote this version of the text. As for

complaint #3, it was really never cost effective to create a print version; publishers

simply cannot justify printing a text 1,500 pages long with a limited market. Furthermore,

having a print version would prevent me from updating the text at will for my courses.

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The Art of Assembly:: the Assembly Language Bible
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